Rotator cuff tears

What are rotator cuff tears?

Rotator cuff tears are relatively common. In this video I explain they types of rotator cuff tears and how I manage them.

How do I repair a tear?

I repair most rotator cuff tears using keyhole surgery passing sutures through the tendon and securing it to the bone with anchors. This short video demonstrates the technique. Most of these operations are done with the patient awake after discussing whether awake surgery is right for that patient.

Further patient information about rotator cuff surgery can be found at


Post-operative care

After a rotator cuff repair you will most likely be in a shoulder sling. This video explains how to put on a shoulder sling as some patients often struggle with this:


While in your sling you can start these exercises while waiting to start your physiotherapy:


Click here to download my post-operative rehab protocol for your physiotherapist.