Frozen Shoulder

What is Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is a common condition in my practice and can be more prevalent in patients with diabetes. In this video I explain what frozen shoulder is and how I treat it.


What happens during frozen shoulder surgery?

I prefer to do surgery for frozen shoulder with the patient awake if we decide it is right for them. The scar tissue at the front of the shoulder is vaporised and a gentle manipulation is done at the end of the procedure with injection of steroid into the joint to reduce recurrence.

What are the risks of arthroscopic capsular release?

It is important that before surgery you understand what is involved in the procedure and what to expect after the surgery. In this video we discuss the procedure of an arthroscopic capsular release, the post-operative rehabilitation, and risks of the procedure. In clinic prior to deciding on surgery we would discuss any risks that may be specific to you. On the day of surgery we then complete the consent process by discussing these risks again before you sign a consent form.

Further patient information about frozen shoulder surgery can be found at

Click here to download my post-operative rehab protocol for your physiotherapist.

Our instructions for post-op care and recovery after shoulder surgery can be found here.