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video surgical consultations

Can I have my consultation by video?

Due to coronavirus the number of face-to-face clinic appointment slots have been reduced to protect patients and clinic staff by allowing social distancing and reducing the need for patients to travel and be exposed to hospital and clinic environments. We offer video surgical consultations for patients who are self-isolating, unable to or don’t want to travel and would recommend video consultation as the default first consultation.

During a video consultation we can review any existing documents you have, take a thorough history and do some clinical examination of your shoulder and elbow and order necessary investigations. As long as you have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC with a webcam, speakers and microphone, we can do your consultation by video. If there is a need for physical examination or outpatient treatment such as injections, we will offer you a face-to-face consultation.

After a video consultation you and your GP will be sent a letter confirming the details of the consultation just as we do during a face-to-face consultation. Our video consultation slots are 30 minutes long but for some follow-up appointments they may be shorter.

In this video we explain what we can achieve during video consultations:

Preparing for your video surgical consultation

If you are insured please make sure your insurance company has authorised your appointment with us. Most insurance companies are allowing video surgical consultations.We will need you to send us your insurance details and authorisation code. If you have a referral letter from your doctor or therapist or any other relevant clinic letters, reports or documents, please send those to us by email prior to your appointment so we can review them. If you have had scans or x-rays at another UK hospital please let us know so we can have them transferred prior to your appointment so they can be reviewed. If you have had scans or x-rays abroad let us know so we can make arrangements to see how best they can be viewed.

Please test out your computer or phone equipment prior to your consultation and choose a quiet room for your consultation with a light source in front of you so we can see you clearly. The room you choose needs to be private and large enough for you to be examined. Please see our video below about how to make the best of your video consultation:

Prior to your appointment we will ask you to sign a video consultation consent form. You can read the consent form here.

What are the benefits and limitations of video consultations?

Video consultations have several benefits for patients:

  • No need to travel or use public transport
  • Reduced exposure to hospitals and other patients
  • Ability to see each other face-to-face without the need for masks
  • Patients no longer limited by geography so even patients outside of London have access to surgical opinion

There are some limitations to video consultations including the reliance on software, technology, and internet/mobile phone signals which may disrupt the consultation. Some conditions such as shoulder instability or neurological conditions may not be able to be fully examined by video. If there is a need for further examination or outpatient treatment such as injections, then we will arrange your post investigation follow-up appointment as a face-to-face appointment.

What software will be used?

We will be conducting our video consultations via Microsoft Teams. You will get an email invitation to join your Microsoft Teams meeting and you will need to keep this on the device you will be using for your consultation. We will need you to download the Microsoft Teams app or desktop software to the device you will be using prior to your appointment.

We have produced a step-by-step guide on how to use Microsoft Teams for your video consultation. Please download the guide here.

How will tests or scans be arranged?

During your video appointment if we determine that xrays or scans are needed we will discuss this with you and then order these electronically. You will then receive an appointment for your xray or scan from the imaging center or clinic and we will be able to review these with you at your follow-up consultation. If you are insured please ensure that your insurance company has given authorisation for your imaging.

What if I need a prescription or sick note?

For any patients requiring medication we have teamed up with an online pharmacy called Pharmacierge. They allow online prescriptions for most drugs and will deliver them to your door. After we submit the prescription they will contact you for payment and to arrange delivery.

If you require a sick note please let us know and we can prepare one and e-mail over to you.


For insured patients, all charges for clinic appointments with us, injections given by Mr. Ferran, or Mr. Ferran’s surgical fee, will be charged directly to your insurers. If your insurance policy has an excess, we will invoice you for the amount and will require payment by BACS (instructions contained on the invoice).

We are fee assured with most insurers, so the only shortfall should be your policy excess.

Self pay fees