Lets talk about pecs! Don't miss a pec major tendon rupture.

Read 1st Dec 2018

Pec major tendon ruptures often are a missed injury but the best outcome for patients occurs when they are diagnosed and treated early. In this blog we discuss the mechanism of injury, signs, symptoms, and treatment of pec major tendon ruptures.

De-mystifying steroid injections in the shoulder and elbow.

Read 1st Nov 2018

Steroid injections are commonly used around the shoulder and sometimes the elbow. In this month's blog we discuss steroid injections, their uses, effect, risks and answer some common questions patients ask about them.

Has your shoulder got you tossing and turning?

Read 8th Oct 2018

Shoulder pain often causes problems with sleep. If you missed our article on the effects of shoulder pain on sleep in The Weekend Pages you can have a read of it here.