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Prior To Your Clinic Appointment

If we have enough notice, we will try to make contact with you by phone and e-mail, prior to your appointment, to welcome you to the practice. We will confirm your appointment and take details to get you registered with Mr. Ferran. There are important documents about fees, outcome scores, and how we handle your data (Privacy Notice). You will be contacted by e-mail from a company called Amplitude in order for you to fill out scores about your symptoms and function prior to your first appointment. These scores will be used as a baseline to track your treatment or recovery.

Things To Bring

When coming to your first clinic appointment, please bring with you your insurance details including authorisation code and GP details for registration with the clinic. If you are insured, please check with your insurer what investigations or treatment they have pre-authorised. If you have a referral letter from your doctor or therapist, please bring this with you along with any x-rays or scans you have had (in hard copy or on CD). If you are on a number of medications, it is often helpful if you can bring your prescription with you to the appointment.

Keeping you safe during face to face appointments

Due to Coronavirus we have made some changes to how face-to-face clinic consultations are carried out in order to keep all our patients safe. One of the main changes is that all staff and patients attending clinic will need to wear a face mask or face covering while in clinic. There are also restrictions to visitors accompanying patients. If you need someone to come along with you to clinic please discuss this with us at the time of booking your appointment. If you cannot make your face-to-face appointment due to the need to self-isolate please discuss with us the option of converting to a video consultation.

In the videos below we discuss the other steps we have taken to make face-to-face appointments safe and we demonstrate how to safely and correctly put on a face mask:

What To Expect

At your appointment we will go over your symptoms, your medical history, and examine the affected part. Some conditions will require an x-ray to be taken which can often be done on the day, while others may need scans which will require a further appointment to review.

In order to properly examine your shoulder, the entire shoulder needs to be visible, so females may choose to wear a sports bra or similar top so that the shoulders are exposed, and modesty is maintained.

All clinics have nursing staff who can act as a chaperone during examination. If you would like to have a chaperone present during examination, please ask and he will arrange.

At the end of your appointment, Mr. Ferran will dictate a letter which will be sent by e-mail to you, your GP, and any referring clinician. Any registration and referral documents and notes will be scanned for our records.


Some conditions require steroid injections around the shoulder. These are often given in clinic by Mr. Ferran once the diagnosis is confirmed. Insurance companies consider steroid injections a treatment and will require pre-authorisation prior to their administration. You can read more about steroid injections here.


If surgery is required, Mr. Ferran will explain the procedure, rehabilitation, and risks to you in order to start the consent process. This information is often a lot to take in, so it will also be included in your copy of your clinic letter. Mr. Ferran and the team will book your surgery and anaesthetist. We will provide you with codes in order to get a pre-authorisation from your insurance company, or a quotation if you are a self-pay patient. A pre-assessment appointment will need to be done with the hospital where you are having your surgery. They will do the necessary checks, investigations, and paperwork to get you ready for your operation and will confirm your admission date, time, and fasting instructions. At the pre-assessment clinic appointment, patient information leaflets should be provided with more details of your operation. If you have any questions or queries about your operation, please contact us and we will try to answer them.

On the day of your surgery Mr. Ferran will check you in, mark your arm, go over the surgery, rehabilitation, and risks again and confirm the consent process by getting you to sign a consent form.


For insured patients, all charges for clinic appointments with us, injections given by Mr. Ferran, or Mr. Ferran’s surgical fee, will be charged directly to your insurers. If your insurance policy has an excess, we will invoice you for the amount and will require payment by BACS (instructions contained on the invoice).

We are fee assured with most insurers (see list of logos below), so the only shortfall should be your policy excess. The hospital/clinic will invoice your insurance separately for any clinic drugs for injections, splints, investigations including x-rays and scans, inpatient surgical procedures or inpatient stay.

For self-pay patients, our fees for clinic appointments, injections, or surgical fees, will be collected on the day of the clinic appointment by credit/debit card. The hospital/clinic will invoice you separately for any clinic drugs for injections, splints, investigations including x-rays and scans, inpatient surgical procedures or inpatient stay. For more information on self-pay fess see our pricing page here.

Self pay fees

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