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Our Clinic Fees Explained

For self-pay patients we have a simple, fixed pricing system. Our fees do not change based on the clinic you are seen at or whether your appointments are face to face or virtual. Our standard appointment time slots have been increased from 20mins to 30mins during the Coronavirus pandemic in order to allow for social distancing in clinic rooms. Your appointment fee is not based on time so if your appointment finishes before 30 mins, or takes longer than 30 mins your appointment fee is the same.

Our appointment fees are:

£250 for new appointments

£150 for follow-up appointments

£100 for steroid injections (please note each clinic will charge separately for drug costs)

Face-to-face appointment fees are paid in clinic by credit card, debit card, apple pay or google pay. Virtual appointment fees are paid online in advance by credit or debit card.

What do appointment fees cover?

Your appointment fee covers the cost of the appointment time and surgical opinion, but it also covers the admin that is required to arrange your appointments, and provide support to you as we help you navigate the healthcare system. Your fees also cover software costs required to help deliver your care while keeping your data safe. Hospitals also charge us a room fee for face-to-face appointments so the appointment fees also cover this charge. We do not pass on additional card transaction costs to our patients so these are all covered by your appointment fee. We do not charge for prescriptions or sick notes.

What do appointment fees not cover?

Your appointment fee does not cover any investigations such as x-rays, MRI scans, CT scans, blood investigations, nerve conduction studies etc. Each hospital or clinic will have separate costs for these. Your appointment fee does not cover the cost of casts, splints, slings or any medications that form part of steroid injections; each hospital or clinic will have separate costs for these items. We do not charge for drug prescriptions or sick notes, however pharmacies will have charges for any medications dispensed.

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Imaging Fees Explained

Each hospital or clinic will charge their own fees for imaging. We are not involved in setting or collecting imaging fees, this is the responsibility of the hospital or clinic. Some clinics collect imaging fees in advance, some will take payment on the day, and some will send an invoice to pay later. Please discuss this and methods of payment when booking your imaging appointments.

Indicative Imaging Prices by Hospital/Clinic

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Oryon Imaging Clementine


HCA Hospitals
Elbow X-ray (2 views) £80 £108 £170
Elbow MRI £297-330 £398 £795
Shoulder X-ray (2 views) £80 £108 £170
Shoulder MRI £200-350 £398 £795
Shoulder MRI Arthrogram £875 £800 £1130

Prices above are indicative only and subject to change. Please check with each imaging department for their prices at the time of booking. We declare a 0.5% share holding in HCA Chiswick Medical Centre.

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Surgical Fees Explained

Surgical self-pay fees are made up of three components:

  1. Surgeon fee
  2. Anaesthetist fee
  3. Hospital Fee

All surgical fees are based on the procedure code based on the operation you require. There may be uplift fees for complex procedures that take longer than expected. Our Surgeon and Anaesthetist fees are the same across all locations that we operate at however each hospital has different fees so the cost of an operation will vary by location. Hospital fees will also vary by length of stay and any unexpected costs such as admission to High Dependency or Intensive Care Units.

Self-pay surgeon fees are collected by us in advance of the procedure by either BACS or card payment. Anaesthetists and hospitals bill separately for their respective fees.

To give you a quotation for an operation we need to make sure the diagnosis is correct so the quotation can be arranged based on the correct procedure code. Our team will then be able to compile each of the fees at various locations in order for you to find the price that is best for you.

What do surgical fees cover?

Our surgeon fee covers your operation and any inpatient post-op review required. We do not charge for prescriptions or sick notes. Hospitals may charge for any unexpected costs, increased length of stay, return to theatre, admission to High Dependency or Intensive Care Units, or take home drugs.

What post-operative fees can I expect?

All post-operative follow-up appointments will cost £150 each. We keep post-op appointments to a minimum and will tell you before surgery how many times we expect you may need to be seen after the operation. This may vary if your condition needs it. We do not charge for removal of sutures post-operatively. Some procedures may require post-op xrays or scans and we will try to give you an indication of this before surgery but this may be an unpredictable necessity.

Do remember that almost all operations will need post-operative physiotherapy and each physiotherapist will have their own separate fees.